Our Story


As one of the most reputable agencies in the Tennessee Valley area, Elders Insurance Agency will continue to provide superior coverage options and exhibit the highest level of customer service throughout all channels of our business. 


By diligently providing customers with services that best meet their needs, giving back to the community, and continually educating ourselves and others, we align ourselves to be one of the most reliable businesses in the Tennessee Valley.


Our committed goals position us to continue building excellent customer relationships, who value the importance of the products we provide. Doing what is right for our clients, employees, and community members is of top priority.

About the Agency

In 1981, Harold Childers, of Huntsville Alabama founded the agency known today as Elders Insurance Agency. Mr. Childers had been a businessman in the banking and financial industry for years when he saw the need for a quality insurance provider. His passion for building relationships with people and the vast knowledge of similar business practices lead him into one of the most successful agencies in North Alabama. Mr. Childers first began the venture with an exclusive contract of Nationwide Insurance selling home, auto, life, and business insurance. His agency continued flourishing for years, winning many excellence awards and building a reliable reputation. He had two daughters (Tammy Elders and Becky Bryant), who once old enough, started working with him. After years of training, his oldest daughter Tammy started an agency of her own, still working in the same office as her father, while Becky became the office manager and associate agent for both agencies. After years of Mr. Childers, Tammy, and Becky operating the agencies, Mr. Childers decided it was time to retire. At that time, Tammy purchased her father’s agency, combining the two into one and Becky took over the role of office manager and associate agent for the newly merged Elders Agency.  

Mr. Childers teachings proved to pay off as the agency continued to grow earning many more excellence awards and more happy customers walking through its door’s day by day. With clients’ needs expanding to a variety of different products and coverages, the agency began expanding its area of expertise to larger business coverages, farm insurance, bonds, and a variety of other financial planning products.  

The years passed and the still growing agency began to recognize another need for expansion in several different ways; geographically as well as the demand to reach a wider variety of markets. With the Tennessee Valley region rapidly growing, the need for geographical expansion was necessary to meet the needs of clients in further locations as well as pool together more years of experience to ultimately become a more diverse agency.  In 2017 and 2018 the agency strategically merged with two of the most reputable agencies in the region. The first being the Laura Johnson Agency in Muscle Shoals, AL as well as the Mickey Brewington Agency in Decatur, AL. The three agents, Tammy, Laura, and Mickey have been friends for years, always sharing knowledge with each other and helping each other grow to become better agencies. The newly merged agency now has combined 102 years of experience in the insurance industry! Simultaneously, at the time the mergers were taking place, the need for expansion into a wider scope of markets was essential, so the agency began researching and carefully selecting a conglomerate of A+ rated carriers beyond Nationwide, in order to find the best coverage options available for its clients variety of unique situations.

Today, the family owned Elders Insurance Agency is continuing to grow under the ownership of Tammy Elders and 10 licensed agents and customer service representatives. As the founder Harold Childers instilled in the values of the agency years ago; a focus on quality, personalized customer service remains at the top of the agency’s priorities. Elders Insurance Agency will continue to give client’s the peace of mind they deserve for many years to come.